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About Us

Honed in on design

At Pixagraphics, our graphic design skills have been enhanced over the years from being exposed to different job environments and projects which you can see in our work portfolio.

Full spectrum of graphic design services

We are acquainted with a full range of graphic design disciplines, from print media to digital and online media. The internet is the area we enjoy the most as it stimulates the creative as well as the technical - and we enjoy both.


In today’s world of technology, things are constantly changing and there are often new ways of doing things. It is important to keep abreast of these developments. We are very comfortable using most software applications found in the design environment and we are not afraid of trying and learning new ones.

Good Customer Relations

Just as important as good design skills, we understand the importance of creating good relationships with our clients. This we cherish the most.

Community Involvement

We realise the importance of upliftment projects and giving back to the community.

We help NPO's with design work and webhosting.

The also collect and refurbish old secondhand PC's (computers) so that they can be used in disadvantaged communities. We have a number of contacts where we send these computers, often to be used in training applications. If you have any old PC's lying around, you are welcome to send it our way and we will find a home for it in on of these community projects.

Some of the projects we have been involved with:

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