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Website Hosting

All our web hosting packages contain:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth/Traffic Usage
  • Back end Control Panel
  • Backups for last 2 weeks
  • Fax to email service
  • Graphical web statistics

Micro Package:

2Gb disk space for email and website*
1 FTP Account
10 email accounts

Base Package:

5Gb disk space for email and website*
1 FTP Account
100 email accounts
1 MySQL Databases

Base+ Package:

10Gb disk space for email and website*
2 FTP Accounts
250 email accounts
3 MySQL Databases

Standard Package:

15Gb disk space for email and website*
7 FTP Account
500 email accounts
20 MySQL Databases

Advanced Package:

20Gb disk space for email and website*
15 FTP Account
1000 email accounts
40 MySQL Databases

*All packages can be increased if disk space, FTP or database demands require an upgrade. If email is stored on the server (IMAP) and never deleted and more email accounts are added, there might come a point where you will need to extend your base package.
*Modern mail clients store email on the server
Some of you may have noted that modern email applications (such as Outlook), are now defaulting to the IMAP email protocol and not POP. This is because we access email on a number of different devices and we want consistency across all the devices. So if an extra folder is created, it must be the same across all the devices. If an email is sent, it must appear in the sent folder on all the devices.
When IMAP is used, emails are stored on the server. Over time, this leads to larger disk space usage. This is multiplied according to the number of email addresses being used on a hosting package. This will have a bearing on your hosting costs. Individual mailboxes seem to be anywhere between 200Mb - 5GB in size. If one does not delete emails, the mailbox size will get bigger over time.

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